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Author: B. J. Irons

Genre: Greek Mythology, Erotica, Romance, Gay

Series: Mythologay

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Arrogance by B.J. Irons

Jealousy, enmity, revenge, and above all else arrogance is a recurring theme among Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, and Adonis. It’s a wonder that the “A” in their names doesn’t stand for arrogance.

Aphrodite’s love for the handsome Adonis clouds her judgment. Bitterness stirs within her when she becomes aware of Apollo and Adonis’ affection for each other. Artemis also feels disgraced by the relationship between the God and male mortal. All of their lives become entangled with endless drama and devious plots each makes on one another.

Arrogance is a retelling of the many classic Greek Mythological tales we’ve come to grow and love.

Which of these Gods will come out on top? Let the drama unfold.

Aphrodite: The Vengeful One

Will show her wrath to anyone who wrongs her

Apollo: The Vigorous One

Will use his power to get whatever he desires

Artemis: The Apprehensive One

Will cast shame on those who don’t follow her beliefs

Adonis: The Irresistible One

Will seduce anyone to get his way

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