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B.J. Irons

Author of Sinfluenced;

The Gift That Keeps On Taking;

The Fire Island Ice Queen;

Second Guess;

Master of the Bluffs

And the Mythologay Series

Bosses of Bane Series

B.J. Irons, LGBT author

BJ Irons works in the field of education. Many of his personal experiences as a gay man, have contributed to his books. ​ Being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community himself, BJ hopes to continue to bring more colorful and fun fictional works to his LGBTQIA+ readers. ​ BJ writes in many genres, romance, thriller, mythology and more. He's the author of stand-alone novels such as Sinfluenced and The Git That Keeps on Taking, as well as the Greek Mythologay series, commencing with Meduso. ​ BJ already has two other books that he self-published, The Cul-De-Sac and Rippling Waters, both available on Amazon now.

Connect with B.J.: Instagram Website

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