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Clayton Manning

Author of Bi Bi Darling.

Clayton Manning, author of Bi Bi Darling

With thirty years in the hospitality industry, working up and down the country, I have been fortunate to meet an amazingly varied and diverse cross-section of people.

These 2-way connections have led to a feast of experiences and friendships and steered me to pursue my life desires to put some of them into fictional stories.

I like to think my writing style is absorbing yet approachable, allowing the reader to feel part of the story and submerge themselves in both the characters and storylines.

My aim is to fully grab your imagination and whisk you away to a place where you can be lost in the world of escapism and storytelling. From my writing room in rural Herefordshire, I find the personalities and situations I have had the pleasure of knowing, stimulate the writing process for me, helping create my storylines.

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