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Colton's Terrible Wonderful Year

Genre: Romance, Racial Identity, Young Adult, Gay

Releasing 4th March 2023

Colton's Terrible Wonderful Year

Colton is on a quest to meet his surrogate mom who might help him navigate being a Black teenager in

today’s America. The woman who gave birth to him is Black. His dads are not. His diverse community of family and friends includes lots of LGBTQ+ people, though his first love is a girl of mixed race like him.

Colton’s dads reluctantly introduce him to his birth mother, but she doesn’t turn out to be person he hoped for. On his journey of falling in love, nearly losing one of his dads, and confronting a racist cousin, he learns about love, non-traditional families, community, and what is important in life. The biggest

challenge of all is something he discovers about his birth, causing friction with his dads. But like every

difficulty in his life, the love of his dads ultimately carries him along and lifts him up.

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