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Confessions of an Acronym

Author: Wes Diggory

Genre: Non-fiction, anthology, comedy

Orientation: Gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual

Pairing: M/F, M/M, F/F, MMF

Sexual content: Light to explicit

Trigger Warnings: Eating disorder, mental health issues, homophobia, racism, strong language, sex

Confessions of an Acronym

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As the title of this book suggests, this book is filled with the thoughts, confessions, and secrets of the LGBTQ+ community.

Following the booming success of the confessionals segment on ‘Chester Pridecast’ podcast, where the hosts read out submissions the listeners send in, and offer advice and thoughts, the community was asked to send in their stories with the proviso that their entries be completely true.

Why, I hear you ask would anyone give honest secrets or confess their stories to a complete strange?

People often hold onto these stories and bury them away, let their thoughts and feelings go unheard. This has been an opportunity for those brave people to let go, and to share to the world anonymously.

Wes Diggory has written a few of the entries himself, and whilst editing the rest, he has been lucky enough to get to know these people and their stories. They share embarrassing/funny moments, heart ache, betrayal, advice, calling out to people, calling people out, lost loves, coming out and much more.

All of the author's royalties from this book will be donated directly to Chester Pride, (Charity number: 1161379) where a dedicated team of local volunteers work tirelessly all year, not only to organise an annual pride event, but also to suppoert the local LGBTQ+ and wider community. This includes but is not limited to social projects, educational work, campaigning to protect LGBTQ+ legal rights and of course bringing a bad ass pride event to the city of Chester.

For more information on the amazing work Chester Pride do, how you can get involved volunteering, and how to donate, visit

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