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Crossing Desires

Author: Chris Bedell

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Gay

Crossing Desires by Chris Bedell

17-year-old Darren Robertson is hell-bent on revenge against Queen Rene and King George Blackwell of Aklava for framing his parents on bogus charges, which caused their dethroning and execution.

Darren's plan requires dating the Blackwell’s son (Teddy) in order to orbit their world. Life becomes more ambiguous the deeper Darren delves into his con. Darren knows he has real feelings for Teddy even if he won’t admit the truth to anyone. If Darren’s love life weren’t complicated enough, his ex-boyfriend (Artemis) resurfaces. Artemis becomes tangled in Darren’s plan, revealing his own connection to Aklava’s past.

As he wages war, only one thing is certain. Darren won’t stop till he vindicates his parents, meaning anyone is capable of becoming a pawn in his game.

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