The Wildrwood Chronicles: Daughter of None

Daughter of None by Freyah McGrath

by Freyah McGrath
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, F/F

Releasing 4th September 2021

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Morwenna, Komdr of the Five Clans is shown a vision of a girl, Daughter of None; if this girl was all she seemed, she could be the key to ending the Clan wars and end the anti-Komdr movement that threatened to destroy all that was good in K’Now. 

K’Now is a post apocalyptic land, divided into Five Clans eons ago by Goddesses Arinu, Maka and the Great One Morgana (The Three).


Kiah, Daughter of None, is an inexperienced yet powerful magic weaver. She has been shunned and mistreated her entire life, but despite that she is inherently a good person. 

Her life is about to change dramatically. She is thrown into a strange new way of life, new friends and a love interest; but this exposes her to a dangerous enemy. The psychotic, leader of the anti-Komdr movement and self-titled Queen Maeve of the Lowlands, who feels she was cheated out of being Komdr after her sister’s untimely death (by her own hands) now has her sights set on Kiah.