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Author: Rob Loveless

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Paranormal, Greek Mythology, Gay

Winner of the Indie Reader Discovery Awards 2023

Second Guess by B.J. Irons

Worlds collide when a predator’s hypnopompic hallucinations intertwine the lives of three strangers, harboring their own inner demons.

Behind the façade of a glamorous life, Adrian Costas spirals deep into depression, balancing a deteriorating marriage and a taxing career. Meanwhile, a violent, nocturnal stalker, believing himself to be the reincarnation of the Greek god, Thanatos, embarks on a path of carnage to restore his former glory. As part of his delusional quest for immortality, Thanatos brutally massacres a man outside of a local bar, drawing the divided attention of Lorna James, a detective and single mother balancing her work and home life, and Scott Monroe, an aging gay man searching for purpose in his mundane job. Thanatos continues to terrorize the community and his crimes hit closer to home when he kidnaps Adrian’s twins—Missy and Otto—, who will serve as the final sacrifice. Along with Lorna and Scott, Adrian races against time in the hopes of locating his children before Thanatos can complete his ritual killings.

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