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Honour Bound

Genre: Short Story, Historical, Paranormal, Gay

Series: Ashlington

Honour Bound by Rowan MacKemsley

Taking place within the past timeline of The Echoes of Ashlington, this is Lisbon, 1808.

A year after running away from home, seventeen-year-old Henry Durand and his best friend, fellow officer Robert Westbrook, arrive in Portugal as part of the British force to retake Spain from the French.

When their wayward exploits bring them close to severe reprimand, they accept the deal offered—the matter brushed aside for help with a sensitive undertaking. Now involved in the hunt for a traitor, it is not only plans for the advance at risk, but the reputation of the name Westbrook. Something that haunts Henry's friend since the death of his father.

Unable to confide in their steadfast leader, Captain Sinclair, and way in over their heads, they have only each other to rely on. What they don't know is just how dangerous their mission truly is, and how betrayal hurts most the closer it is to home.

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