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Husband Swap: Come Di(n)e With Me

Author: JS Gray

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Romance, Comedy

Orientation: Gay, lesbian, straight

Pairing: M/F, M/M, F/F

Sexual content: Strong

Trigger Warnings: Light, one-off violence

Come Di(n)e With Me

Husband Swap: Saturday Night Dinner by JS Gray

During a couple’s dinner party, ‘stuck-up’ Sandy is being particularly difficult. He’s embarrassed everyone around the table in front of the whole restaurant. TV obsessed Chris has had enough, and challenges Sandy to a ‘Come Dine With Me’ style competition, if he’s so adamant he could do better. Pushing his luck, Chris also suggests that all four couples swap partners for the week too, just to really make the week really interesting.

Token woman and staunch feminist Faye will enjoy the break from layabout Chris, who’s so laid back he’s practically vertical. Actor Sam doesn’t mind a few days away from new boyfriend. After all, Ben could do with spending a little more time getting to know the group. Best-friend Husbands and business partners Patrick and Stewart will at least get to see each other each day at work. And without over-the-top Sandy for a week, career-driven Anton will have time for a few of his extra-curricular activities.

With miss-matched couples and the pressures of entertaining each night, what could possibly go wrong?

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