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Husband Swap: Saturday Night Dinner

Author: JS Gray

Genre: Gay, Thriller, Erotica, Romance

Husband Swap: Saturday Night Dinner by JS Gray

Married couple James and Daniel are hosting Saturday Night Dinner for Billy and Aiken. About to complain at the noise, nosy neighbour Sheila peers through their window and sees red. Has someone been stabbed?

A week earlier, the foursome had drunkenly agreed to a husband swap. Businessmen Daniel and Aiken can focus on their careers, leaving best friends James and Billy to have a bit of fun whilst taking care of baby Cleo.

Over the course of the week, Daniel’s secret is revealed just as Aiken’s problem threatens to ruin much more than his career. To make matters worse, James’ ex-boyfriend comes back to stir up trouble just as Billy’s dreams of having a surrogate baby hang by a thread.

After twenty years of friendship, will best friends James and Billy fall for one another, or will a heated argument between the two couples get in the way of true love forever?

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