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Marie Will

Dougie K Powell, author of My Best Rival LGBTQ+ romance novel

During the day, Marie Will is a primary and secondary school education worker for languages and liberal arts and at night, a writer of LGBT+ fiction. She holds a degree in English and German Philology and a master's in Foreign Language Linguistics from the University of Potsdam. With her books, she wants to tell the stories she would have liked to read when she was a short bespectacled teen stuck in a closet full of flannels she didn’t dare to wear (make no mistake, she may have swapped her glasses for contact lenses, but she is still essentially the same height she was when she was twelve, although she can now be found wearing a flannel from time to time).

Outside of teaching and writing she enjoys (in no specific order) bookshop cafés, being surprised by cats on the street and trying her utmost to keep her plants alive (the winter rose on her windowsill has been alive since last Christmas, a personal record). She grew up in a small town near Berlin and today divides her time between Germany and the UK.

After self-publishing her first two books Rainbow Rookies and Garden Party on Amazon, On the Off Chance is her first professionally published novel.

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