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My Best Rival

Genre: Romance

Orientation: Bisexual, Demisexual, Pansexual

Pairing: M/F

Identity: Trans

Sexual content: Moderate

Trigger Warnings: Death, mentions of cancer, mentions of drug use, sexual assault, violence, gender dysphoria

My Best Rival

My Best Rival by Dougie K Powell

Ru and Ocean have always taken every chance to rile each other

up. Their friends have never taken it too seriously, until their senior year when their jibes turn violent.

After the pair are sentenced to detention, emotions boil out of control leading to a confusing, romantic entanglement. Unable to deny their feelings, they agree to explore a relationship in secret.

But Ru can tell Ocean is holding back. When things appear to be going well, Ocean suddenly disappears, leaving Ru distressed.

When Ocean returns everything changes. Can Ru and Ocean overcome the new obstacles in their relationship? Or will Ocean’s truth be too much for their young love?

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