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Nicky Faces Catastrophe... and Survives?!

Author: Matti McLean

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Gay

Releasing 18th March 2023

Nicky Faces Catastrophe... and Survives?! by Matti McLean

Nicky was many things:

Video rental store employee.

Somewhat devoted son.

Unobservant slacker.

But never heroic.

So when he accidentally unleashes a horde of evil fae upon the world, and discovers that it is up to him to capture them back- he is reluctant.

Thankfully, an actual warrior is there to ensure that the world is safe and that the idiot who hath wrought their fury unto the world doesn’t fall to pieces.

Between his guardian Will, his reckless boss, and a handful of powerful fae, Nicky must learn to overcome his mediocrity and fight for the good of the world- As long as his mother doesn’t kill him first.

Can Nicky grow up in time to save himself? Is he stupid enough to think that he could conquer the god of mortality? Will he die a gruesome death or somehow survive due to sheer dumb luck?

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