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Rowan MacKemsley

Rowan MacKemsley, LGBT author

Having grown up in the rural Cotswolds, Rowan’s love of aviation led to a private pilot’s licence at seventeen, and subsequent career in the aviation industry. Marrying a military man means lots of moving around, currently in country number six (the USA), raising two amazing, resilient children she hopes the world will be a fairer and less judgemental place for. Rowan’s love for books began when introduced to The Hobbit in primary school. The combination of dragons, maps, and adventure sparking an imagination that she eventually took seriously. When not writing, she loves to travel with the family, exploring the great outdoors and history of wherever they find themselves—even better if castles and battlefields are involved. If it is race weekend for the Formula 1, then she’ll be glued to the tv watching the highs and lows of her beloved scarlet team. The Echoes of Ashlington is her debut novel.

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