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Bi Bi Darling by Clayton Manning

Genre: Thriller, Erotica, Crime, Bi-Sexual

Bi Bi Darling by Clayton Manning


Tim Goodman was an unexceptional man, quite mundane, in fact. His marriage was loveless but his life as a vice detective kept him motivated; its unpredictable nature never failed to surprise him.

He had no idea that when he started investigating Bill Jenkins, media tycoon, that he would be questioning his own morals and would end up being lured into a murky, silent underworld that he knew nothing of. He had always considered himself fully heterosexual, until, during his investigations, he stumbled upon the mysterious and alluring Zodiac club. His investigations led to him finding a side to himself he never knew existed, and becoming involved with an influential group of high society men who welcomed him into their sexual leanings. The deeper in he gets, the more complicated life becomes until he can see no way out. Murder, corruption, and blackmail become his every day as he is no longer investigating but entwined with men he had previously arrested.

One man's journey into an unspoken world where deception, lies and sexual fantasies take control of his rationality and make him question his own beliefs.

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