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Our mission

Authors. Your pride is our passion

At Spectrum Books it's our passion to share great works of LGBTQ+ fiction and non-fiction. We're a brand new publisher, built by dedicated best-selling authors.

We know how hard it can be to get your book published, especially if it is your first. It can be tough getting your work in the hands of a publisher who will even give it the time of day. And, sadly, even more so for LGBTQ+ works. We exclusively publish LGBTQ+ fiction, whether it's the main theme of your work, or you've included an LGBTQ+ character.

We read every single submission that comes our way. We promise that we'll give your work the care and attention it deserves. If it's not something we're looking to publish, we'll tell you why. If we do decide we'd like to publish your work, we'll be with you on every step of the way, from cover design to editing to advice on marketing.

We'd love to receive your submission - so take that step, and share your pride with us on our submissions page.

Readers. Find your next favourite book

As a publisher working exclusively with LGBTQ+ books, you'll certainly be able to find something you'll love here. From romantic fiction to informative non-fiction.

Although we're a brand new publisher, we're no less discerning on quality. All of our books have been carefully selected, edited and designed to give you an unforgettable reading experience.

Check out our books page to see everything that we have published so far. Our catalogue may be small so far, but we're growing all the time. Join us on our journey of sharing the best LGBTQ+ books with the world.

If you've found something you particularly love, share it with your friends, post on your socials and leave a review so that other people can share your experience.

LGBTQ+ community. Supporting you

The LGBTQ+ community is an incredible place. We believe there is no stronger community out there. We stand with you in making sure that the lives of the LGBTQ+ community are as safe as possible.

We will be working with a number of LGBTQ+ charities, donating 5% of our total profits to the charities that we think make the biggest impact on members of our community.

The first charity we're working with is the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT). AKT are a charity working with young, homeless LGBTQ+ people. According to AKT, 24% of homeless young people in the UK identify as LGBT, of whom, 77% people of people believe that coming out to their parents was the main factor in their homelessness.

They have so far helped over 50,000 young people to stay safe, find emergency accommodation, develop skills, achieve life goals and live a better life.

Thank you so much for your support.

Clayton Manning: Our Authors
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