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Gay All Year: Twelve Stories

Author: Richard May

Genre: Short Stories, Anthology, Romance, Literary Fiction

Orientation: Gay

Pairing: MM

Sexual content: Moderate

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-915905-37-6

Gay All Year: Twelve Stories

Gay All Year: Twelve Stories by Richard May

In Gay All Year: Twelve Stories by Richard May, there’s a story for every month. Each story features a holiday or event that happens that month. In all of them, two men meet, connect, and begin sorting out a potential relationship.

For instance, in January, a jogging priest and a dogwalker run into each other in San Francisco and have their own Epiphanies. For June, a soldier in Oklahoma looking for a daddy tries out several men on his way to find one for Fathers Day.

At the end of the year, a young man in New York receives eight unusual—and kinky—Hanukkah gifts. Read a story a month or all twelve together. In Gay All Year, all kinds of men in wildly different situations connect over holidays you know and probably some you don’t. Celebrate along with all of them!

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