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Author: B. J. Irons

Genre: Greek Mythology, Erotica, Romance, Gay

Series: Mythologay

Hephaestus by B.J. Irons, book number five in the gay retelling Mythologay series

An outcast, a deformity, a disgrace as an Olympian God. Hephaestus, God of fire and blacksmithing, has been underestimated his entire life, ever since being thrown off of a cliff of Mount Olympus, by his own mother, Hera, Queen of the Gods.

As Hephaestus recovers from his brutal injuries, he meets the kind and modest Hestio, God of the hearth and families. Hestio is the first god to ever be compassionate and sympathetic towards him, which leads Hephaestus to develop feelings for the gentle god.

Hephaestus vows to return to Mount Olympus to make a name for himself in spite of the other gods and goddesses who view him as weak and worthless, while also wanting to seek revenge on all of them, especially Hera.

Will this burning vengeful flame consume Hephaestus, or will the gentle loving embers of Hestio be able to turn him into a warm and kind-hearted god, unlike the other Olympians?

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