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In The Woods

Author: S.E. Smyth

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Orientation: Lesbian

Pairing: F/F

Identity: Butch, Cis

Sexual content: Light

Trigger Warnings: Mental health, depression, cheating, infidelity, murder

In The Woods

In The Woods by S.E. Smyth

Jamie is stuck at the site of the family cabin, in the woods and off-balance, as the world dissolves around her. She lost her job. She doomed her marriage. Her wife is dating the boss of her new side gig. She lives for the time being on jointly owned property but refuses to go inside the cabin.

Everything is in disarray, and things cannot possibly look up. Until someone from Jamie’s past appears and breathes new hope into the situation. She evaluates and weighs her life and recent decisions to find out what’s important and what’s worth fighting for.

In Jamie’s world of crime and deceit, love presents the only light. It’s a love she’s held onto. The journey, the hike through the brush in the metaphorical woods, can cut and mar, but the light Jamie is searching for is so bright.

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