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Max Austin

Max Austin, author of How Can We Be Wrong? A fictional gay memoir published by Spectrum Books

Max Austin has many passions in his life; his husband, his two children, his writing and his work as a nurse. Oh, and not to forget the family dog of course! He lives with his husband, two children and dog in a rather busy but fun-filled household in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. He has worked as an authentic qualified nurse for over thirty years.

Through his writing and lived experiences, Max wants to give a voice to silenced and marginalised LBGTQIA+ groups. He is humbled that his own voice has found a home within Spectrum. Max has been a keynote speaker at LBGTQIA+ inclusion conferences. For Max, kind inclusiveness in health care and indeed our broader society is as vital as breathing.

When not working as a nurse or writing, he loves nothing more than spending time with his children and husband. Most weekends, they can be found covered in mud whilst being led through the park by their rather boisterous but friendly black Labrador!

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