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On the Off Chance

Author: Marie Will

Genre: Romance, Young Adult, Coming-of-Age

Orientation: Lesbian, Bi

Pairing: F/F

Sexual content: Light

Trigger warnings: discrimination because of cultural background and sexual/romantic orientation

On the Off Chance

On the Off Chance by Marie Will

Meet Kay and Emi.

Kay just started her final year of high school and is juggling school, work, and family on top of her new responsibilities as captain of the volleyball team with the state-wide volleyball championship and with it, her only ticket to college, just around the corner.

Emi just started her final year of high school, too, and she is trying her best to come to terms with the fact that she, the only daughter from a conservative Christian family, might not be as straight as she always prayed she was.

Kay and Emi have been in the same class for three years, but they don’t know really each other. Not yet anyway. But when they find themselves unexpectedly thrown into the same classes, an unlikely friendship begins to blossom which might soon turn into something more.

But is there any chance the two of them can be together when Kay has been struggling to acknowledge her own emotions ever since her last breakup and Emi hasn’t told anyone about her liking girls out of fear her family and friends might reject her? And while the two of them are struggling against the ties that are pulling them closer together, there is also the volleyball championship and a trophy that needs to be won.

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