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Sicili and the Penniless Lad

Genre: Romance, Historical

Orientation: Lesbian

Pairing: FF

Identity: Cisgender

Sexual content: Light

Sicili and the Penniless Lad by Rachel C. Neale

Ivy Ferthing has been out of society for five years due to famous, engorged rumors that destroyed her reputation. Now, just shy of nineteen, she has promised to play the part of propriety for her mother’s sake, but Ivy is an outlandish force to be reckoned with, and her true nature knows no shame––especially when it comes to an answerless beauty like Sicili Windihill.

Sicili Windihill is answerless, and never more than in the presence of Grace, the defiant half-naked painting that haunted her childhood. Now, having returned to the gossiping county of Wiltshire after six years of living in London, she is once again at the mercy of her father’s scheming ways. No sooner is she reunited with Grace and the tumultuous feelings it brings up then she discovers her father is harboring a grand, obnoxious plan––one that involves a devastating ultimatum.

They meet at a ball. A tantalizing tryst of wit, courage, fear, and unspoken admiration are quick to follow.

Fans of Sarah Waters (Tipping the Velvet), Jane Austen, and Julia Quinn (The Bridgerton Series) will feast on this lesbian perspective of the ton, the societal expectations of Victorian England, and the deep, obligatory roots of family.

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