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The Firefly

Author: Laury A. Egan

Genre: Romance, Coming of Age, Portrait

Orientation: Lesbian

Pairing: FF

Identity: Cisgender

Sexual content: Light

Trigger Warnings: Mild sexual assault

Silence of the Missing by Rick R. Reed, a gay psychological crime thriller novel

1964: A dark summer night on a still black lake. A lantern is lit at the end of a dock. A blond girl in white appears and begins to dance, her body illuminated like the fireflies surrounding her. A second girl emerges from a house and is beckoned forward. The two meet, swim, and then kiss. Thus begins an ethereal romance and a young woman’s journey into adulthood.

“I ate it up! Brilliant pacing. I adored Robin! The entire book is endearing. Tenderness. I'm charmed. It unfolds perfectly across life's passages!”

—Karla Linn Merrifield, author of Psyche’s Scroll

The Firefly expertly follows the vagaries of a young girl’s life as she tries hard to direct her soul back to an unconditional love that fascinated her at one of her lowest points. This is an excellent, complex work and may well reign supreme alongside Egan’s other works.”

—Nat Burns, author of Rosemary

“Egan’s novel is a compelling read that draws the reader to it, like a firefly in the night. Will Robin and the Firefly ever meet again? Will it all turn out to be illusion, a trick of the light?”

—Richard May, author of Because of Roses: Ten Stories

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