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The Long Journey To You

Genre: Romance, Literary

Orientation: Gay

Pairing: MM

Identity: Cisgender

Sexual content: Moderate

Trigger Warnings: death, drug use, AIDS, HIV, violence, homophobia, political strife

The Long Journey To You

Hephaestus by B.J. Irons, book number five in the gay retelling Mythologay series

Nathan doesn’t know how to stop dwelling on the failures and tragedies that have plagued him since the last time we saw him at the end of The Mayor of Oak Street, a twenty-one-year-old happily in the arms of the handsome young doctor he had pined for since he was twelve. Many years later, what could mend Nathan’s heart after the latest tragedy and stop his deep dives into the past? After a chance meeting on the street with ER nurse, Mateo, a big chunk of Nathan’s reminiscing is now devoted to that encounter. Will he seize the day or continue wallowing in the past, having lunch with his BFF, and writing poetry?

He has traveled the globe and survived a disease that people once thought was a death sentence. There are moments with Mateo he is convinced that his whole life led him to this great love. At other times, he’s ready to kill him. Mateo, for his part, must take care of his ailing mother while he works full time in the emergency room. The practical aspects of starting a new relationship are challenging. Above all, this novel is a story of healing and finding true love.

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