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The Marriage Sabbatical

Author: Gemma Johns

Genre: Women's Literature, Romance, Lesbian

The Marriage Sabbatical by Gemma Johns

Charli’s wife, Monique, was promoted to Professor and was now being rewarded with a generous sabbatical at work. While Charli was picturing a family vacation in Europe, Monique was picturing a personal sabbatical – time to throw herself into work and discover herself at the same time. She suggested Charli take her own sabbatical, too, but Charli wasn’t sure they’d ever be able to come back from that. Besides, how do they juggle it with their two adult children who hadn’t even left home yet?

Charli’s sister, Sophie, a doctor, juggles it all, including a busy household with four teenage kids. After thirty years together, Sophie and Phil can almost predict one another’s next move, but Phil just can’t forgive Sophie and move on from what she’s done. Maybe some time out wouldn’t hurt.

Their youngest sister, Alice, is about to turn forty, but she’s wondering what her future will bring. Does she really see herself settled down and having kids with Jason? Is marriage even for her? And why does everyone else seem to have their lives together, while she still feels like a big kid herself?

Charli decides to escape it all, taking her sisters with her. If a marriage sabbatical is on the agenda, perhaps they will end up questioning everything she ever thought really mattered. Maybe for the three Wilson sisters, marriage sabbatical could change everything… or nothing at all!

‘The Marriage Sabbatical’ explores women’s middle-aged lifestyles, having it all and finding out what you really want.

Do their marriages need to mend, or end?

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