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Through the Embers - Volume One

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Erotica, Lesbian

Orientation: Lesbian

Pairing: FF

Identity: Cisgender

Sexual content: Explicit

Trigger Warnings: violence, sexual assault (off page), drinking, on page sex, abuse, war, death, blood and gore, death, sex working, murder, death of an unborn child, loss of a parent/parents

Through the Embers - Volume One

Hephaestus by B.J. Irons, book number five in the gay retelling Mythologay series

The Lost Princess.

For 10 years Titaia secretly took refuge in the Palace of the King who killed her family and stole their crown. She had been safe, until the Prophecy that made her the most dangerous person in the Realm was discovered. Now the Kings deadliest assassin is in the Kingdom and Titaia fears she’s being hunted. However, when secrets are exchanged, and truths revealed new fears set in. Titaia had been hiding from her birthright, but it has come to the point that she has no choice but to fight. The King has set his sights beyond their Realm with plans to conquer and rewrite the world and she is the only one with the power to stop him. With the help of someone who is not what she seems Titaia faces two questions, can she win? Can she keep her heart safe?

The Assassin.

Aife is the Realms most accomplished assassin. It is no surprise that she is brought in to eradicate the traitor believed to have infiltrated the King and Emperor’s circle. But that’s not her only job. Aife secretly works with the Rebellion fighting against the Kings reign and is tasked to obtain information on what the circle knows about the Druids and Rebellion. Secrets have littered Aife’s entire life, world changing and insignificant alike. What she finds out in her search is enough to change her motivations and loyalty. After 20 years of torture, Aife finally has something to fight for. Nothing comes without a cost, will that cost be her life, her heart, or both?

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