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Through the Embers - Volume Two

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Erotica, Lesbian

Orientation: Lesbian

Pairing: FF

Identity: Cisgender

Sexual content: Explicit

Trigger Warnings: violence, sexual assault (off page), drinking, on page sex, abuse, war, death, blood and gore, death, sex working, murder, death of an unborn child, loss of a parent/parents

Through the Embers - Volume Two

Hephaestus by B.J. Irons, book number five in the gay retelling Mythologay series


After 10 years of hiding, Titaia is finally ready to take her crown back. King Heptus and Queen Alhma have performed a terrifying ritual, General Zelu is dead, and the fear that once held her back has been replaced with a burning desire for freedom and revenge. When Titaia reaches Doumland she is met with jaw-dropping surprises, steamy hot moments, and shocking betrayals. Her role as Queen was contested because of the elf assassin by her side and the Kingdom she once resided in. She continuously proves herself by fighting for the people and staying back with the families, but it never seems to be enough. Does Titaia have what it takes to save her people and the Realm while growing in her feelings for Aife?


Joyce and Zelu are gone, and Titaia and Katrina are missing. Aife has abandoned her assassin’s cloak and instead forged her path beside the rightful Phoenix Queen of Fursomerra. Her intentions are continuously questioned by those that her Queen is expected to trust and Aife’s patience wears thin. Is she going to become the blade of a new royal or is the Phoenix going to help her forge a new path? With something so important to fight for will she be able to avoid her self-destructive tendencies or will her willingness for sacrifice go too far?

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