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Dougie K Powell

Author of My Best Rival

Dougie K Powell, author of My Best Rival LGBTQ+ romance novel
Photo by Nina Koivuniemi

Dougie K Powell is an author, journalist and stand-up comedian. They write LGBTQIA+ romance stories, mainly for a young adult audience. Their goal is to create stories that are both empowering and relatable to their audience.

“I want to write the books that I wanted as a teenager and a young adult. We live in a diverse world and it’s important to reflect that in our work, particularly as queer authors. I feel Spectrum Books gets that.”

They have also dabbled in the world of non-fiction, having published articles

for several gaming websites, focusing on promoting positive LGBTQIA+

representation in gaming.

Dougie was born in Britain and currently lives in Helsinki, Finland with their husband, their dog Vernon and their terrorising bunny Iku-Turso.

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