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Master of the Bluffs

Author: B.J. Irons

Genre: Contemporary, Drama, Heist

Orientation: Gay Pairing: MM

Identity: Cisgender Sexual content: Light

Trigger Warnings: Mention of drugs, thievery

Master of the Bluffs by B.J. Irons, a gay mm crime romance suspense novel published by Spectrum Books

Paradise Cove Bluffs is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods on the coast of California, in all of the United States, for that matter. With the average home price being nearly thirty million dollars,  anyone who is anyone lives there. The lavish beach community in Malibu just welcomed its most recent resident, twenty-seven-year-old Dean Cargill, to one of its oceanfront enclaves.

The debonair man is a recent bachelor after his divorce from successful movie producer, Roger Friedman. However, the mystery is still out on Dean Cargill and how he could afford to live in Paradise Cove Bluffs. As with any new, rich neighbor, residents talk and search online net-worths. But things aren't adding up with Dean. He has no substantial work history and the money he has accumulated out of his three past divorces (based on public record) is nowhere near enough for him to be able to afford to live here in The Bluffs.

Suspicions have grown, and the verdict is now out on Dean Cargill. Who is he really? How could he have possibly been able to move into Paradise Cove Bluffs? How does he already have three divorces at the age of twenty-seven?

Is this your typical sugar baby, sugar daddy scenario, or is there something more here? Journalist Jackson Cartwright is on the case, being the only reporter that Dean Cargill has agreed to have at his home to run a cover story on him. But is Jackson Cartwright prepared for the tangled web of lies, deceit, and mystery that is Dean Cargill’s life? Just like the neighborhood Dean lives in, will anyone be able to call his bluff?

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