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Tatum Schroeder

Author of Until You Say My Name - coming 2024

Tatum Schroeder, author of Until You Say My Name

Tatum Schroeder was born and raised in the upper midwestern United States, and currently resides in the Atlanta metro area with his partner and two cats. From the age of four, he knew he wanted to be a storyteller, and began by drawing short fiction on blank print paper. By age seven, he won second place in a national writing contest. He completed a Bachelors in English at age 18 from Thomas Edison State University.

Until You Say My Name is his debut novel. In addition to prose-length novels, he also enjoys writing short fiction and poetry. He previously had a short story, “The Long Way North,” published with Scarlet Leaf Review in 2021. As a gay trans man, Tatum enjoys exploring queer themes and stories in his work, as well as tapping into themes such as existential horror, subverting societal expectations and values, and the tenacity of the human spirit.

Outside of writing, he enjoys playing video games, traveling, curating Spotify playlists for his original characters, and deep diving into the lore and minutiae of fictional worlds.

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