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Until You Say My Name

Genre: Romance

Orientation: Bi

Pairing: MF

Identity: Trans

Sexual content:Explicit

Trigger warnings: Depression, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and a suicide attempt.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-915905-39-0

Until You Say My Name

Until You Say My Name by Tatum Schroeder

Mia, a young, closeted trans woman, is ready to get a fresh start in life when she moves across the country for her freshmen year of college. Her life up until now has forced her to stay in the closet, and she is terrified of coming out and what that will mean for her life. So she keeps her identity a secret. That is, until she meets and befriends River, a trans man attending the same college as her. And who happens to help run an on-campus LGBT+ support group.

As Mia slowly assimilates into the group, she finds herself building a newfound courage to come out to River and her friends—and, at the same time, realizes she’s falling for River hard and fast. Try as she might, her crush on him will not go away anytime soon. Will River see her as more than a friend? Is she ready to show the world who she really is and live as her true self?

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