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Up Your HOA Hole

Author: B.J. Irons

Genre: Contemporary

Orientation: Gay

Pairing: MM

Sexual content: Light to none

Trigger warnings: Cheating

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-915905-26-0

Up Your HOA Hole

Up Your HOA Hole by B.J. Irons

In the seemingly idyllic community of Sterling Winds, Gwendolyn Thornton, the unwavering Homeowners Association (HOA) President, maintains a facade of order and serenity. Beneath the manicured lawns and elegant facades, however, lies a brewing storm of tension and discord.


As the gatekeepers of the neighborhood's pristine image, Gwendolyn and the HOA navigate the delicate balance of maintaining the community's outward charm while grappling with the clash of personalities among its residents. The arrival of Preston and Carter Higgins, Sterling Winds' first openly gay couple, disrupts the established norms, exposing the underlying prejudices and biases that simmer just below the surface.


In a community where appearances are everything, not everyone welcomes the Higgins with open arms. From high-strung personalities to ruthless neighbors, the once-tranquil Sterling Winds becomes a battleground of egos, secrets, and suburban drama. Gwendolyn finds herself torn between upholding the neighborhood's image and fostering a more inclusive environment.


Amid the perfectly trimmed hedges and picturesque streets, Up Your HOA Hole explores the struggle for acceptance, the price of conformity, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of societal expectations. Will Sterling Winds weather the storm of transformation, or will the facade of perfection shatter under the weight of its residents' conflicting desires?

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