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At Spectrum Books, we exclusively publish excellent fiction and non-fiction LGBTQ+ works. We're a brand new publishing company built by passionate best-selling authors.

To authors, we aim to spread awareness of LGBTQ+ works by working with you to get your book out into the world.  Your story is your journey and we will be thrilled to join you on it and support you along the way.

To readers, we offer the best books in a variety of genres by the most talented authors. We may be a new publisher, but that does not make us any less discerning of quality.

To the LGBTQ+ community, we will be working with a variety of life-changing charities and support groups. 5% of our profits will be given back to help improve the lives of people struggling with their sexuality.

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Genre: Young Adult, Holiday, M/M

Releasing 28th November 2021

First, he took away my coming out moment.

Next, he took my scratch-off and won $77,777 for himself.

Then, he took my first boyfriend away from me.

Despite how crazy he drives me, I am still obsessed with thinking about him. It’s sick!

Christian Delgado is the gift that keeps on taking.


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